Autumn Of Love

By Mohammed Khalessi
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Mohammed Khalessis Autumn of Love is an evocative collection in which nature imagery, theological questions, and personal insights combine to complete a poetic expression of love. The author draws on common life experiences and seeks to infuse our perception of nature with intense emotions. He writes that: Early in the morning, the blossom of my dream
Hears the horizons complaint, that the sky has slept
Within beautiful valleys where white lilies exist
Within the depths of my heart your spirit has rested.
From the heights of love to the depths of loss, Khalessis well-crafted verse addresses the range of human experience. Autumn of Love captures glimpses of the authors innermost thoughts and offers us a reflection of our own lives.

About the Author

Mohammed Khalessi is a native of Iran and a long time resident of Burbank, California, where he lives with his wife, Monica Gomez. A graduate of Cal State University, he is currently an instructor with L.A. Unified School District at Roosevelt Bilingual and a member of the California Council for Adult Education. The author enjoys hiking and travel, and much of his inspiration is drawn from his own experiences and his appreciation for nature. He also credits the influence of his admiration for Persian literature, particularly the works of the poets Ommar Kayyam and Hafiz. While his work has been included in several anthologies, this is Mr. Khalessis first published book.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 40