Autumn Experience: Spiritual Journey

By Autumn
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Autumn Experience: Spiritual Journey tells of Autumn’s life experiences and understanding the will of exploring the world with an open mind and learning to accept the destined path ahead. Autumn’s story shows the strength and resilience it takes to adapt and change to the world, that this power is within each of us as long as we take the time and energy need to reinvent and prioritize ourselves. Every person on the planet is divinely authentic, eccentric, and eclectic in who we are. Autumn’s personal story is a breath of fresh air for those struggling to find their own predetermined path in life or struggling with their self-worth. 

About the Author

Autumn is a life and spiritual coach. She enjoys working with people in need but also has a never-ending desire to connect with nature. Long walks and family engagement are necessary to her life’s grounding. 

Published: 2022
Page Count: 82