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J. Henry Francis, Sr.

Heres a fast, easy-to-read social and political history of the Virgin Islands, by a native Islander who deeply loves his land.

It is also a testament to the authenticity of the documents, inscriptions, and artifacts of the pastand the writer has been completely free to express his own opinions.

About the Author

Although he has traveled the world in his ninety-one years (North and South America as well as the Caribbean and the European centers of civilizations rise), J. Henry Francis, Sr., always returns to the land of his birth, the Virgin Islands. Without a base well founded, he says, a building will fall, and all will be lost. But I believe there is still a chance to turn the cycle around. If someone of this generation can take a little time out to say to the people of this world, there is still beauty to behold. If only we reconcile.

Published: 2010
Page Count: 50