Audacity Of Automation

By Osei Badu-Nkansah
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About the Book

The advancements in Technology, coupled with breakthrough in Telecommunication (referencing the latest Long-Term Evolution (LTE) 4G Wireless Broadband), have converged to open many doors for true Automation and Digitization. Having deployed these for many companies, author Osei Badu-Nkansah came to the realization that the benefits of true Automation can help advance the development of the third world countries, especially those in Africa.

Having travelled and worked in many African countries (the bulk of the third world), the dreadful question he has is “How long can the third world and hence Africa remain behind in Technology? How long?”

These and many more prompted the need for Osei to share the narratives in this book, assembled from many years of experience as a Certified IT Architect.

About the Author

Osei Badu-Nkansah commands many years’ experience in Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Sizing, Prescription and Deployment of Infrastructure and Architecture Solutions for Complex Projects across many business verticals.

He is an accomplished visionary and goal-oriented IT executive, seasoned in leading multicultural and global IT teams in pursuit of company objectives, transformations, mergers, acquisitions, and systems implementations. He commands enviable Skills in aligning IT and company strategic goals. His vast experiences include rich cultural understanding having lived and worked in Europe, Middle-East, and Africa – not to mention years of coverage in North and South America – especially US states. Osei is a product of University of Science and Technology Kumasi Ghana and University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia USA.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 384