At The End Of The Day

By  Gene Jessup 
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About the Book

I am in the sunset of my days. My journey has been long and at times difficult, but it has created the man I am today. I was an actor on the stage of man and was defined by the roles I played. The dreams of man became my own, as I followed many paths through my lifetime. 

But today I am content with the man I have become. And as I approach the end of my travels I find within the beauty of my world quiet moments to reflect, reminisce and remember.

As the many days of my life have become my yesterdays and each year becomes but a memory, I find myself wandering the halls of my mind seeking answers to the question, what awaits me at the end of the day? Does the story end or simply begin again in another dimension, not of man’s design? In moments of quiet reflection, I stand before a curtain wondering. 

But I hesitate to open this portal, perhaps a little afraid of the unknown; but I know I must take the next step, a step of faith. The book “At the End of the Day” is a brief glance at one man’s journey into the unknown of tomorrow as I contemplate a new beginning in a world not of man, but of the spirit.

About the Author

Gene Jessup has written short stories for many years. He is now engaged in the writing of books. He is trying to relate stories from an active and sometimes dangerous journey through life. He likes to add a touch of humor to a variety of his experiences. And in the sunset of his days, he has come to believe that “all is well, and it is as it should be”. He has learned to embrace the pain, difficulties, joys and happiness of life as equally important to becoming the man he was meant to be.

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At the End of the Day gave me “a wake - up call” as Gene articulates, so well, life, it’s meaning, an evaluation of our personal history, what is really important, and where we go from here? ‘At the End of the Day” caused me to put my own life in perspective. The stories are great, some of which I shared with Gene. Chapter 7, Lingering A Moment Longerputs life in perspectivemy ‘At the End of the Day”

Bill Moody

Published: 2022
Page Count: 84