"At Odds With The Gods: A Series Of Rants' By Elaine Kingsbury"

By Elaine Kingsbury
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Elaine Kingsbury’s first book is an honest look at the human condition as put into place by “the gods,” who apparently set it in motion intentionally by their willful and deliberate design. It is an outspoken, bold look at human behavior and appearance in modern day society. At times comical, and at times quite matter-of-fact, At Odds with the Gods is a playfully irreverent rant against “the gods” for all that they somehow allowed to go horribly wrong at “The Drawing Board.” Her heartfelt rants and complaints will resonate with many who have at least experienced the same thoughts and observations, but perhaps have never expressed them. Her book insists on the healthiness and necessity of ventilating. It is as if we are all being given permission to GO AHEAD AND RANT!

About the Author

Elaine Kingsbury is an accomplished pianist, as well as an avid golfer. She takes a big interest in following world events and is passionate about her American patriotism. Ms. Kingsbury strongly values having plenty of quiet personal time and space to reflect and create. Sharing her reflections in this book was tremendously rewarding.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 86