At A Cross Road: Church Troubled: Consumerism & Simplicity

By Venerable, Dr. Felix Udo Anyasor
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About the Book

There are some Ideological and structural vices of life, and when not given attention, may spread like cancer. Consumerism was known to be a societal and secular vice, in a sense, and also one of the engendering factors to corruption in the governmental and some business areas. But when consumerism finds its way into the church, where worshippers are supposedly spiritually edified, then the world itself is in trouble. “When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”(Psalm 11:3).

Venerable, Dr. Felix Udo Anyasor provides an in-depth look into the church today, and the many terrible effects consumerism has on the individual members and church community as a whole. He provides guidance on how to overcome this proverbial tumor, to walk in love as Jesus; making sacrifices on the mortal plane to save souls now, and the afterlife.

About the Author

Venerable, Dr. Felix Udo Anyasor moved to the USA in 1982. He has always stayed in touch with his connection to Nigeria, specifically his tribe, the Igbo. He has been involved in community activities ranging from cultural to religious organizations. Dr. Anyasor and others saw the need for the Nigerians in Diaspora to identify with various important organizations, especially churches that serve the community. He is currently the rector at one of the churches, Christ Angical Church in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Anyasor is married with four children and some of them are integral part of his ministry. He enjoys singing, preaching, exercising, and swimming. He has special interests in writing, travel, and education. Before becoming a pastor, he worked as a registered respiratory practitioner. He received his Doctor of Ministry Degree in 2019 from Houston Graduate School of Theology.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 228