Asylum Of The Damned: A Series Of Rune

By Misty McKinney
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Asylum of the Damned

Rune is not your average young lady, and neither are the horrors she faces. In this suspenseful thriller, Asylum of the Damned, she and those closest to her experience bizarre hauntings, bewitching spells, and battles of unearthly proportions. Against the warnings of her father and some well-meaning friends, Rune is drawn to “research” an asylum with ties to the historical witch trials to find inspiration for writing her next novel. She is not surprised when her own rich history in the supernatural follows her, but what she finds is enough to fill more pages than she ever imagined.

About the Author

Misty McKinney has always loved a good scary story – especially those written by her ultimate idol, Stephen King. Having grown up watching crime shows and reading horror stories, she has a passion for writing so she can “share a good scare” with others. Misty has three brothers and a large supportive family, and she also enjoys drawing and listening to music.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 650