By Marie Hudson
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Grace Asher is a young woman with a special gift: she can travel to the other side. Her discovery of these gifts grants her the ability to see her loved ones who have passed and ones who have yet to come. She unlocks the truth of what awaits each of us after death.

Asher invites readers to join her on her journey and experience real evil and real love.

About the Author

Marie Hudson U.L.C. Minister is a single mother of 6. She became a minister through Universal Life Church with the hope to work with those in hospice to help them see the love and beauty of Christ and not to fear death. Raising a daughter with autism helped to show her life through the eyes of someone who truly sees all people with innocence; that we can love and have understanding for everyone.

This story is the first she’s shared with others. She prays it helps others to seek the truth and discern the lies.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 104