Árte Montalvo

By Mont Martin-Montalvo
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Árte Montalvo is the unintentional harvesting of the mind. It is the act of being present, mindful, accountable for the self, inclusive of emotions, actions in the spiritual, and tangible.

A life experienced without sincere emotions is an empty life. Emotions are the manifestation of the spirit within each creature. They aren't calculated or planned. No one says I think I'll plan on being happy, excited, or sad this weekend. It is the transcendental occurrence of external locus's manifesting itself within the senses. Manifestations are visual, verbal, or full of reactions responding to arousal. Innate and external variables are represented manifestation's within. The reactiveness to emotions, music, love, infatuation, or lustfulness; the manifestation of the innate spiritual visions and emotions all manifest within each stroke of the brush.

Art demands presence, peace, reflection, and intense emotions. Art is sometimes unintentional and purposeful. The works of my youth paused, and once again manifested itself by the simple command of painting for the sake of love. Yet this love dissipates like watered-down paint cascading amidst the rocky surface of a canvas.

Each viewer will experience diverse reactions and emotions through your unique perception. What you will find within these pages is a reflection of your inner self. It is the inner workings of your life, expressed through mine.

About the Author

Mont Martin-Montalvo is from Park Slope area in Brooklyn, NYC. Mont meddled with drawings and paintings as a child and teenager, realizing the influence of his work in his late 30’s. He presently resides in NW Florida.

Mont spends his time ghostwriting and publishing e-books under the trademark “The Bee Cove.” He continued his quest for higher education and attained a degree in clinical psychology, thus understanding the journey of the human spirit and mind.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 38