Army Strong Women: Building The Next Generation

By Melissa Leigh Farmer
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Army Strong Women represents the untold stories of the countless women who have served our country in a military position. The book presents a factual overview of military structure and history, focusing particularly on womens roles and contributions, followed by a more personalized look at individual womens experiences. Their stories tell of the struggles they overcame and the opportunities and successes they were granted by serving in the Army.

As a soldier herself, Melissa Farmer understands the challenges and prejudices faced by women undertaking a military career, and she offers both encouragement and practical advice to young women pursuing this vocation. Honest and informative, this book is sure to motivate and inspire all who read it.

About the Author

Melissa Leigh Farmer is a soldier, writer, freelance columnist and student. She is the 2008 Army TRADOC Warrant Officer Instructor of the Year. Chief Warrant Officer Three Farmer currently serves in the military at Fort Knox, Kentucky as a Warrant Officer Recruiter and lives in Louisville.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 148