Arms Of The Ozarks

By Betty Hamilton
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Some people believe in ghosts, some don’t. Some people believe in the paranormal, and others do not. Some people believe there are spirits around us, others do not. Some people say your guardian angel is always with you. But one thing is for certain: There are many things that we just cannot explain.

Arms of the Ozarks is a story of the present and past converging by events experienced by the family involved, and a mysterious supernatural twist changes their ordinary lives.

About the Author

Betty Hamilton is the mother of four boys, so she learned to be creative at problem solving. She is very involved with community events and cares very deeply about helping and developing others that have been less fortunate. She was born in Arkansas and has many friends and family in Texas. Betty retired from the State of Arkansas. After retirement she had many health challenges. She used her experiences to find her true calling, which was her love to share with others through her writing. She currently lives in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 300