Arise And Walk, O Beloved Africa: My Exciting Story Of The African Union

By Ambassador Jean Mfasoni
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Arise and Walk, O Beloved Africa recounts the main events and happenings of the African Union (AU) since its creation under the then Organization of African Unity (OAU) from 1963 to 2020.

As we recall the past history of the OAU/AU, we learn of successive leaders and main decisions taken and challenges encountered since its establishment in 1963. This book is a recollection at a one go of what main issues the African continent is facing, how they were approached by different leaders at different times over the last sixty years.

Read Arise and Walk, O Beloved Africa to find inspiration to be more focused on how to apprehend problems faced by Africa and possible solutions to overcome them. Let’s make Africa more relevant and responsive of the challenges facing humanity.

About the Author

Ambassador Jean Mfasoni is much involved in community matters wherever he has served in his country and abroad, notably holding leadership positions in various communities, including at school/university, the workplace, etc. Through his involvement in the OAU/AU work for over forty years, he has become an institutional memory as several leaders, colleagues, and friends have relied on him to enlighten them on past OAU/AU experiences and that of the continent at large.

Jean loves music, humor, the sharing of information, walking, reading, and social events. His special interests include continuous learning and intellectual debates about societal problems. He is very interested in building strong family and community relationships.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 760

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I am proud of this generation that do want to keep the lessons learned from the young one. We want to hear more from our elders. Let's read , learn and grow...