Argh! To Aha! Math Made Easy

By John Diamondidis
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Don’t let intimidation of math stop you from reaching your dreams!

Instead, overcome your confusion and fears of math with ARGH! to AHA! Math Made Easy, an easy-to-follow, how-to guide for solving even the toughest of math problems!

Sharing his self-taught techniques to perform simple AND hard math questions, John Diamondidis walks readers through his unique method of performing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems.

Tackling big stumbling blocks for students, such as decimals, percentages, and fractions, Diamondidis lays it all out in this easy-to-follow guide. If you’re a parent helping your child, the contents can easily be read aloud.

About the Author

John Diamondidis is a regular guy who was labeled “hyperactive” during his school days, and like many students, he struggled with math. However, he was determined to graduate from high school with his friends and decided that if his teachers couldn’t communicate the tougher elements of math in a way he could understand, he would teach himself—and very successfully, too!

Thus, ARGH! to AHA! Math Made Easy was born.

After high school, Diamondidis went on to graduate college and worked in the road and bridge construction industry, as well as professional wrestling. He attends church most Sundays and, after church, tutors many children in his methods of math. Each week, the kids brag about how they well they did on their tests, which make it all worthwhile.

As a professional wrestler, Diamondidis went to many schools and held anti-bullying campaigns, helping kids cope with all sorts of life’s challenges. He has even had the chance to go to elementary schools and do “story time” reading with the kids.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 70