Are You There?

By Dianne Fairchild and illustrated Vincent Fairchild
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Are You There? is a story for children about a young boy who searches for God in his life. The boy presents various examples to the reader as questions, from one extreme to the next. Will God be there no matter where he goes in the universe? In the end, the young boy realizes no matter where life takes him, God will not only meet him, but also be there for him. This reminds us that God never leaves our side. With fourteen beautiful illustrations by the authors son Vincent Fairchild, Are You There? is truly a masterpiece to be appreciated for all ages.

About the Author

A native of Clarksburg, West Virginia, Dianne Fairchild currently resides in Bremerton, Washington, with her husband, Michael, and their four children: Laticia, Amber, Vincent, and Cory. Dianne is employed in the medical field and is currently studying radiology. She is a member of a local Christian Church and participates in a bread ministry to help local individuals in need. Her other hobbies include hiking, photography, and gardening.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 32