Architecture On Screen: A Journey Through Perception And Space

By  Aygul Abizgildina, Assoc. AIA, Architectural Designer
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"Architecture on Screen" is an exciting journey where architecture and film come together to create something unique. Author, AygulAbizgildina, Assoc. AlA, Architectural Designer, reveals the fascinating interplay between these two worlds and offers new ideas about spaces, culture and storytelling.

Abizgildina shows how films enrich architectural design by creating spaces that reflect cultures and societies. It combines film and architecture as a tool that conveys emotions, beliefs and ideas, shaping our stories.

The analysis of cinematographic works opens before us pictures of different eras, fixing changes in architecture over time. Abizgildina introduces the thought-provoking concept of the "Dual Space," seamlessly blending the real and the staged, ultimately reshaping our perceptions of architectural boundaries..

Through the study of the Sancaklar Mosque as a case study, you will see how light and shadow create storytelling in architecture. This mosque uses light to create sacred spaces, showing the power of architectural storytelling through film.

The book delves into the transformative impact of technology on architecture, illustrating how the fusion of film and technology enables us to perceive spaces through dynamic moving images.

"Architecture on Screen" is a celebration of the interaction between film and architecture. Abizgildina deftly illustrates how films and society engage in a harmonious dance, presenting a persuasive argument that architecture extends beyond mere buildings; it encompasses culture, storytelling, and the connections that bind us.

This book extends a warm invitation to architects, filmmakers, students, and creatives to embark on a thrilling exploration of the symbiotic relationship between architecture and cinema. It opens doors to groundbreaking designs, cultural revelations, and a deeper appreciation for the seamless fusion of spaces and narratives, all catalyzed by the enchanting magic of cinema.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 84

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As an architect, "Architecture on Screen" has been a transformative read. Abizgildina's insights revealed how film influences spatial construction, enhancing my ability to create culturally resonant spaces. Learning about the 'Dual Space' concept reshaped my approach, allowing me to seamlessly blend reality and imagination in design representation. The book's exploration of light, shadow, and storytelling, especially through the Sancaklar Mosque case study, profoundly influenced how I craft spaces, enabling me to evoke powerful emotions and narratives within architectural constructs. "Architecture on Screen" has not just expanded my creative toolkit but has also deepened my appreciation for the fusion of film and architecture, elevating my capacity to construct spaces that tell compelling stories.