Appalachia Campfire Cooking: Good Campfire Meals Make A Happy Camper

By Johnnie Lacy
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Taking a break from the humdrum of everyday life is something that all of us deserve. Every once in a while, we must pack our bags, fully prepare ourselves and participate in activities that revitalize and invigorate us. While camping has multiple perks, for some, this adventure can be challenging as well. What should you pack? How do you prepare and cook meals? That’s why Appalachia Campfire Cooking is here to help. This book will be a great source of guidance for all camp lovers out there, from helping you pick out the perfect camping spot to providing a plethora of delicious and easy recipes.

About the Author

Johnnie Lacy was born and raised in rural Georgia. He and his family have been avid campers for over thirty years.

Published: 2022
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