Apollo: A Look Back

By Richard A. Hagar
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Apollo: A Look Back is the first-person account of a NASA launch team member’s recollections of the daunting, exciting, heartbreaking, funny, and inspiring stories of the teamwork employed to successfully reach liftoff.

About the Author

Everything Richard A. Hagar wanted people to know about him is in this book. It was written as a tribute to the people he worked with at NASA. Richard was born in Delaware, Ohio. He was very proud of his contribution to his country, serving in the Navy and proud of his involvement in history, joining the Apollo Team in 1966. Sadly, Richard never lived to see his book published. He passed away July 16, 2020 from COVID-19. He was a husband to his wife, Jeanne of fifty-nine years, a father to his five children, and a grandfather to four. He was a great friend and mentor to many. Richard was laid to rest at the Chattanooga National Cemetery in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His family will always be proud of the man that he was.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 60