Aphelion Book One: The Adventure

By William Dennis IV
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About the Book

As Aphelion Book One: The Adventure opens, the Seventeen-Year War has ended, and peace momentarily reigns over the Northern Quadrent of Dyilaria. As turmoil roils between the two nations of Acaria once more, however, hideous Creations of Aphelion are revealed, threatening the citizens of these lands.

A young swordsman named Kunlun Oberald and his childhood friend, Alana Culus, pupils of the Great Hero of the Seventeen-Year War, Master Digue Mathyr, journey forth to aid the good kingdom of Maceland. Little do they know of the terror that awaits them.

About the Author

William Dennis IV lives in Louisiana, where he enjoys pursuing his writing and a variety of other interests, including music, sports, and film, as well as spending time with this family and friends.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 114