By Leo S. Martinuzzi Jr.
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Anti-Hero is an autobiography with details about the family and business life of Leo S. Martinuzzi, along with his observations about individuals in leadership positions. It deals with his lifetime career in international banking, his distinguished and fascinating family history, his education, and his service in the Korean War.

About the Author

Leo S. Martinuzzi graduated with a B.A. with honors from Harvard University in 1950 and from Oxford University in 1952. He served in the U.S. Navy as a Lt. (j.g.) for four years in the Korean War.

Martinuzzi worked for the Chase Manhattan bank for twenty-four years, seven of which were in the head of the Japanese branches. He also served as the head of international marketing, the head of acquisitions, the head of the holding company, and as the head of information. In 1980, he left Chase and joined Squibb as senior vice president for planning.

Martinuzzi retired in 1990 and moved to Naples where he taught economics (macro and micro) for four years at Edison Center.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 66