Anthony And Arabella

By Anne-Marie Cadwallader
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Anthony and Arabella is a cute tale that reminds us that all of us are worthy of love and kindness, from the smallest to the largest. This is the story of how the tiniest of souls filled the emptiest of hearts.

About the Author

Animals have always been an essential part of Anne-Marie Cadwallader’s life and that of her family’s. Animals, as pets or as wild encounters, have given their lives depth and dimension. They have taught them patience and tolerance, kindness and empathy, and have made them humble as they watch their instincts for survival. Living in Southwest Florida has brought them closer than ever to animals, domestic and wild, as they live in a community of dogs of every variety and of wildlife of many varieties. Anne-Marie treasures every moment of connection with these honest souls—even the tiniest gives so much!

About the Illustrator

Katie Deveau has had an avid interest in art since childhood, focusing mainly on watercolors. Katie has BFA in Fine Arts from Ball State University, specializing in Watermedia. She also uses multimedia, acrylics, gold leaf, and other water soluble materials to create her bright images. Animals and animal symbolism play a heavy part in Katie’s work. Her goal is to make visually pleasing, thought provoking, multi layered comments on the world and society that are accessible to everyone. Anthony and Arabella is the second children’s book that Katie has illustrated for Anne-Marie Cadwallader; Katie also illustrated Lovemee which was recently published last year.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 50