By Peter J. Motta
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About the Book

Antarctica is a tale of adventure. The kind of adventure that comes after Paul Wellington and Billy Greene make the tough decision to leave their boring lives behind. A decision that took them down through the Americas, and placing them on the icy continent that surrounds the South Pole. Luck and the right connections got them there, but now it was their job to navigate the uncharted territory that lay ahead. The cold of the open plains, the warmth of the tunnel systems, and the mystery of the hidden caves only scratched the surface of the lore that was the ice wall. And now it stood menacingly in their way.

About the Author

Peter J. Motta was born just outside of Flemington, New Jersey. He currently resides not far from where his life started, in the town of Somerville. Besides writing, photography and weightlifting round out the remainder of his free time. His active lifestyle leads to his active imagination. An imagination that started at a young age, alongside his brother Mark, playing in the woods around his parents’ house. The perfect backdrop to allow the mind to wander with questions. Is Bigfoot real? Was the Roswell crash really a downed UFO? Are ghosts just unhappy spirits that are now navigating the afterlife? These questions are the catalyst to his creative mind.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 232

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Wonderful Adventure

Peter takes you on a journey of the unknown. Only to find that the truth is out there. Great read!