Another Minced Meat Year

By Vee Vynck
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Trust the Process

Without a doubt in my mind, I can state that Vee has exuded the characteristics that have me believe that she is the living example of resilience. Through adversity, trauma, and what can seem to be defeat, Vee has given us, the readers, a sensational story that guides us through the awareness of what is capable when the human spirit is pushed beyond its self-imposed limitations. This book guides us through experiences that has us discover the tremendous power of self-worth and how, when practiced, the results of our own personal determination can lead us towards becoming the greatest version of ourselves. Use this book with the intention to find yourself within her words. Read between the lines, journal as you read, and prepare yourself to be reminded of what you are capable of becoming; even when the odds seem to be stacked against you.

-Marcos Mendosa Tolu

Part diary, part travel account, Another Minced Meat Year: Trust the Process follows Vee Vynck as she struggles along a path of self-discovery. Beginning with the end of her first marriage, Vee intersperses the present with bits of the past, discussing her toxic relationships as well as her insights. Throughout the journey, she’s able to uncover which personal traits attract the partners she has had in order to adjust both herself and her path. She’s able to grow spiritually into the power she always had deep within. Vee’s spiritual awakening allows her to final forage her own unique path. You can press the reset button any time, start over, make different choices and grow into the best version of yourself.

Also included in the book are references to other authors, articles, and YouTube videos.

About the Authors

Vee Vynck is a licensed legal and pharmaceutical translator with over 20 years of experience in the field. She has always been passionate about her work, language in general, and the spoken and written word. Some of her clients have been with her since the very beginning, a real testament to both her passion and her process.

An avid horse lover, Vee started a private shelter for abused horses, healing and “fixing” them – with no government aid whatsoever. Vee lives in Belgium. She has two grown daughters. This is her first published book.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 194

Customer Reviews

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shirley Vandaele
A must-read!

Vee lets you dig deep into her life, her head and her heart, in a whirling story that sometimes reads as a suspense story, other times like a novel, and often as a personal journal. All while she hands out eye-opening insights on how to self-empower and self-develop yourself. Everyone who reads this book, will find something that resonates to their life, regardless what place they are in, and they will hopefully pick up the tools and tricks they can use along their future journey, wherever their path is leading to. A must-read!