By Tomas L. Trujillo
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Johnnys compelling story begins in the jungles of Vietnam as he suffers imprisonment and torture at the hands of his Viet Cong captors. The desperate actions he takes to free himself and his friends leaves him with constant nightmares and the fear that he will never feel at peace again. His odyssey takes him from a grand celebration as a Medal of Honor recipient to a rootless and violent existence on the streets. When circumstance sends him on a journey to Pennsylvania, he meets a lovely woman named Anora, who could be both the love of his life and his salvation. Some wounds are superficial, but some lie buried deeper and take longer to heal. Johnnys story gives all survivors the hope that they, like Johnny, will one day find their way home.

About the Author

Tomas J. Trujillo was born in Salt Lake City in 1950, but has lived in the Los Angeles area for the past forty years. He has a son, Lonnie, and has devoted himself to fulltime writing. Anora is his first published book. He enjoys skiing and the beauty of nature, and finds inspiration in the kindness and beauty of one soul his Anora.

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Published: 2006
Page Count: 70