Angel With A Broken Wing

By Margaret B. Rhodes
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A life well lived does not mean one of material success, but one of personal fulfillment, spiritual richness, and satisfying relationships. Margaret B. Rhodes achieved all this and more when she met and eventually married Richard Rhodes. Although her life had hit some shoals in her first marriage, she was blessed with three children, Joseph W. Lyons, John M. Lyons, and Anna (Lyons) Gross, and developed a sense of determination that she was going to better their lives through her abiding faith in God and His plan for her life. Her marriage to Richard proved far different, encompassing world travel, a successful business, strong familial ties with her stepchildren, and a deep respect, love, and trust in her husband. Through hard work, perseverance, and a strong sense of self, Mrs. Rhodes shares with us how an Angel with a Broken Wing can be healed and become whole, inspiring us to turn our whole lives over to God.

About the Author

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Margaret B. Rhodes and her husband, Richard, resided in San Antonio, Texas, where between them they have raised eleven children. In her spare time, Mrs. Rhodes and her husband until he passed away in 2003, remained active in inventing and developing new products and volunteer consulting in Third World countries.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 328