And Then The Holy Spirit Said…

By Reverend J. Seward
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Reverend J. Seward had been developing a Prayer Language, a word or two at the time and then the HOLY SPIRIT began speaking through her in a nursing home in Wharton, Texas. While visiting with a woman that day, she suddenly took both of hands of a resident and began speaking to her in words they had to explain to her afterward.

The collection in this book was the next occurrence. Rev. Seward is now at the stage where she opens her notebook with her pen in hand and waits. In a few moments, the messages begin to spill out onto the pages, often as many as six at once.

The title of this book should explain everything: and then the HOLY SPIRIT said... is exactly what you hold in your hands. None of these sentences are her words or thoughts. These words are directly from the HOLY SPIRIT.

At times, this reads as a daily devotional, at times it harkens to spiritual songs. At all times, however, and then the HOLY SPIRIT said… is a must read for everyone.

About the Author

Reverend J. Seward is a great-grandmother, living in a small town in southwestern Texas. She has been enlisted as a Prayer Warrior, an Evangelist, and a Ghost Writer for the HOLY GHOST.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 146