And The Days Grow Short

By Doris Wells Bowsher
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As she advances in years, Doris Wells Bowsher now recalls and details all the events of her life, from growing up with the small mom-and-pop grocery store her parents owned in Northeast Arkansas, to her mother’s illness and passing at a young age, to her adventures living in Las Vegas as an adult. Bowsher has lived in many places and lived many lives during her time on earth, and she beautifully recounts her memories as a girl in boarding school all the way to fulfilling her dreams of singing in Vegas. Throughout the many ups and downs of a life lived, Doris’ memories and tales live on for the generations to come in And the Days Grow Short. 

About the Author

Doris Wells Bowsher is a “changing imager”, and she only just recently learned this. She has learned through her past experiences that relationships with fixed imagers just do not work for her, after marrying two of them. However, she has managed to now live her life on her terms, and make it a happy one at that.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 108