And The Air Between Us...: A Tale Of Murder, Friendship, Sex And Insanity

By Johnny Sams
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And the Air Between Us… chronicles the life of a teenage boy growing into manhood in challenging and deadly situations. This man/child overcomes seemingly impossible odds—an insane mother, an ignorant drunken father, an evil uncle who desires to murder him, and great friends.

Read And the Air Between Us…, a fast-paced tale of revenge, sex, and secrets.

About the Author

Johnny Sams was born in Birmingham, AL, and raised in Cleveland, OH. He is a restless spirit consumed with wanderlust and has traveled most of his adult life. He is an ex-Marine and father of many children. An amateur artist, guitarist, and avid fisherman, Johnny believes that life is a study of life and the human condition.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 178