...And Justice For All: Life As A Federal Prosecutor Upholding The Rule Of Law

By Terry Lord
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This memoir reflects the story of how a young boy from modest means in Dallas excelled to lifelong values of honesty, integrity and courage. This led him into a career of law enforcement and the pursuit of justice. This occupation brought him becoming a career federal prosecutor, serving in cities across the United States, fighting crime and chasing the Rule of Law. Mr. Lord went on to become a manager in the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, he was instrumental in introducing methods of promoting effective law enforcement in areas such as customs fraud, industrial health and safety, immigration and international trade violations and child exploitation.

…And Justice for All gives an inside look of what justice really looks like in the criminal justice system. Everything is not what it seems, determining a specific criminal activity that is vastly complicated and has a tremendous impact on the judicial health of a community and the country. This memoir tackles complex issues that influence local, state, national and international law enforcements. For readers hoping for an informative, suspenseful memoir with a personal touch …And Justice for All does not disappoint.

About the Author

Terry Lord gives an honest depiction of what his service of 30 years as a federal prosecutor looks like. His commitment and hard work has in turn largely diminished crime groups such as the Mafia. His love for reading and US history help lay the foundation of his memoir

Terry Lord enjoys tennis and fishing in his downtime. He resides in Houston, Texas. 

Published: 2020
Page Count: 298