Ancestors, The Reunion

By Christal Arthur
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It’s another typical family reunion for Sarah — her mother has arrived late because of her world travels and her father is not in attendance. As she navigates the different personalities and usual conflicts, a violent storm arrives. After a lightning strike, Sarah finds herself with her Aunt Twyla in an otherworldly place. She soon finds that she is transported from place to place — and time period to time period — to meet and help her distant relatives. As Sarah seeks to help these family members, she begins to learn more about herself as well.

Ancestors, The Reunion is a gripping adventure story that illustrates the value of learning about one’s family and how that knowledge can help one deal with the challenges that are present in all family relationships. Ancestors, The Reunion shows the importance of kindness as well when relating with family.

About the Author

Christal Arthur enjoys the Midwest and its opportunities to engage in small-town activities: parades, family reunions, country fairs, picnics, and visiting cemeteries and genealogical libraries. Christal has visited numerous countries and studied their religious beliefs and history. Through her visits and a study of their cultures, she has gained a greater appreciation of the family as an integral unit of society. She has spent decades gathering family history and family stories.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 284