Anatomy Of A Sundance: One Man's Perspective

By Chief Luis Tijerina Wiwang Waċipi
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The Lakota Sundance Ceremony is a ceremony of self-sacrifice and a road to a better understanding of oneself. On this journey, author Chief Luis Tijerina (AKA: Watching Wolf) became not only an adult in the physical sense, but matured as a spiritual being. Experience through his intimate memoir of the fifteen years that he danced how he came to understand himself in a spiritual way that took him away from a drug and alcohol addiction that had plagued him for many years of his young life.

In walking this Red Road, Tijerina not only found the inner strength to let the drugs and alcohol go overnight, but became a leader of his community and became a Chief in the Trans-Pecos Region of Texas. His story is one of courage and strength, and may just help you on your journey to finding your own inner strength as well.

About the Author

Over the years, Chief Luis Tijerina, Watching Wolf, as he had come to be known by his friends and spiritual seekers, opened his home for sweat ceremonies and prayer, and he opened up his life, showed all who wanted to learn the way of walking the Red Road. He invited them to search themselves to see the vision of what their life was supposed to be, and walk the Sundance Road as well.

Now in his sixties, this published author regales you with his recounting of a marvelous and exciting journey that took him to sobriety. Although a hard road, it was one that had to happen for him. Chief Luis Tijerina (AKA: Watching Wolf) shares his life-changing experiences with you in a way only he can. Join him on his walk of literally shedding blood, sweat, and tears.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 188