Anaiya And Saraiya: You Just Have To Be There

By Jeffry Duane Cockrell
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In a warm, dark, cozy, familiar place, two sisters are huddled close together. They are awaiting their grand entrance into this world.

Anaiya and Saraiya: You Just Have to Be There is a unique book that shares the conversation of twin sisters from the time of their conception. Creatively providing a look at life inside the womb, the girls observe whats going on in the outside world and discuss what will greet them there. Throughout everything, the unconditional love of these siblings and womb-mates shines through.

A native of Los Angeles, Jeffry Duane Cockrell now lives in Moreno Valley, California, where he works as a self-employed healthcare professional. The birth of his grandchildren prompted the writing of this book, and he hopes it will demonstrate the unconditional love with which all children enter this world.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 34