An Octopus Named Olivia: What Could You Do With Eight Arms?

By Joli Oliver Elder
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Olivia the octopus knows how convenient it is to have eight legs! She uses them for many different things, like juggling, brushing her teeth, and swimming. Join Olivia in her shenanigans with all of her friends beneath the ocean’s surface!

About the Author

Joli Oliver Elder resides in Lancaster, SC, with her husband, Jamie Elder, with whom she has raised rescued goats, horses, dogs, and cats. Joli is the youngest of four. Her parents, Wade and Libby, have been more than instrumental in her love of learning, reading, and writing. Joli graduated from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, after studying English, mass communication, and public relations. She enjoys attending the Transformation Church. Elder's first book, A Goat Named Tater, was published in March 2021, and quickly received small-town attention. Tater, like Olivia, loves adventure, exploration and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones while setting a good example (learning and teaching along the way.)

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 34