An Introduction To The Academic Politics In Agricultural Research

By Dr. Richard L. Cooper
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An Introduction to the Academic Politics in Agricultural Research

There is a glaring omission in the graduate education of future agricultural research scientists; nothing is formally taught about the academic politics that young scientists will encounter when they enter their professional careers. As learned by Dr. Cooper in his forty years in the field, lack of this knowledge can have serious negative consequences for a scientists career.

His experiences of trial and error in academic politics and the valuable information he acquired inspired him to write this book as a mentoring tool for young scientists. It provides a useful reference for graduate students and early career research scientists on the realities of academic politics in agricultural research. Equipping them with his insight, he hopes this book will level the playing field for young scientists who do not have the benefit of a good mentor.

The political truisms presented are not limited in application to the agricultural research environment but have important implications in nearly all organizations.

About the Author

Dr. Cooper retired after forty years in agricultural research, first as a state university scientist for five years and as a USDA Agricultural Research Service scientist, located at two different land grant universities, for thirty-five years. This book is based on his experience and accumulated knowledge of the realities of the academic politics in agricultural research.

Published: 2009
Page Count: 40