An Inconvenient Future: Tomorrow's Future Today

By Robert Byrum
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How is mankind going to cope with an ever-increasingly warming world? The author presents, with many examples, strong evidence that the world is warming which will have profound effect on our lives and future generations. This has become the greatest issue of our times, actually of all times, and he has presented the evidence this is true. Humanity is on trial with little time left to recover before unrepairable damage occurs to our way of life and our ability to maintain a lasting livable Earth. This is not the message that political leaders, policy makers, or friends and neighbors want to hear. Unfortunately, it is the ultimate “Inconvenient Future”.

About the Author

Robert Byrum has lived a full and rewarding life of action, adventure, friendships, and lots of happiness. He was born and grew up in San Diego and moved to Montana in 1990, seeking a new horizon and a quality of life which he found. Following his passion for living and adventure has allowed him and his wife Nancy to enjoy traveling the world, witnessing other lands and people. They have had the pleasure of fishing and hunting in many locations and have enjoyed competing with their Labrador Retrievers. Writing has become a new hobby; this is his fourth book in the last two years.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 264