An Exposure To Sports A Reflection Of My Involvement In Sports As A Participant, Spectator, And Coach

By William G. "Billy" Coward
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An Exposure to Sports: A Reflection of My Involvement in Sports as a Participant, Spectator, and Coach

Personal experiences mold our characters and shape our futures in myriad ways, and the people we have the gift of meeting along the way affect us forever.

In this book, William G. Billy Coward tells his lifes story through his involvement in sports over more than seven decades. From his beginning as a young African-American man growing up in Washington, DC prior to racial integration to his later successes as an athlete and coach in an ever-changing country, Cowards ability to encourage driven people to achieve their potentials sets him apart from the average man.

Through this detailed account of his life before and through high-school sports, as a batboy for a Negro League baseball team, a lifeguard at several pools throughout his life, a competitive college athlete in multiple sports, and later as a coach for countless teams and an adult athlete himself, Coward never falters in his constant goal of success, cooperation, and respect of all people. Acknowledging the achievements of the athletes he has known throughout his life, we see just how fortunate and determined Coach Coward has been.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 246