An Epilogue For Eleanor

By Prudence Thayer
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A faceless man often appears in Eleanors dreams. He passionately engages her, carrying her into worlds unknown, speaking softly and making her feel beautiful inside and out. In her dreams, she is loved. But in everyday life, Eleanor has been wounded by date-rape and the pitfalls of teenage love. In everyday life, the free-spirited Eleanor is also trapped by the perfect ideals of the church trapped by what is right and proper and who is higher. While trying to find solace and peace through doing all the right things, Eleanor lost herself. She married Mr. Wrong twice. She gave her life to the church only to be cast away and labeled unworthy. Throughout it all, the faceless man gives comfort and solace. But Eleanor longs for more than a faceless dream. She longs for more than a church that tosses away people like trash. She longs for more than rolling over in the morning to find the dream gone and the pain of everyday laughing at the end of the bed. And deep down inside, Eleanor wonders what happened to the carefree Eleanor of days gone by. Join Eleanor as she searches for something more than the dream, something more than the emptiness... as she searches for happiness.

About the Author

Prudence Thayer was born in Chateauroux, France while her father was stationed there at Lyons Air Force Base. She received her Bachelor of Music Education from Mississippi University for Women, a Master of Religious Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master of Divinity from Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio. Although no longer affiliated with a mainline denomination, she maintains an ordination through the Universal Life Church. She is a writer, a spiritual director, and a self-employed beauty consultant living in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 412