An Audience

By Robert J. Gaudet
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Jon Pullman is your normal sixteen-year-old vigorous, hesitant, and juggling a relationship with a new girlfriend, his part-time job, and the demands of his football career. At first glance, he is just about average, save his rising football fame in Harrison Highs varsity team. But there is something that had always troubled Jon, something that subtly haunts his cryptic dreams.

Fourteen years. For fourteen long years, Jon Pullman and his family had struggled over the loss of Jennifer, Jons mother. It was a tragic accident with a cause that had never been revealed, thus shaking the familys faith, planting a seed of emptiness on their very hearts. Each of them Jon, his brother, his father, as well as his grandparentshave coped, yet they never forget.

In this book of hopes, dreams, and faith, Robert J. Gaudet relates a slice of life and how a person embracing an audience, whatever that audience might be, could realize the things of which they had always dreamed.

About the Author

Robert J. Gaudet was born on November 24, 1957, in Cherry Point, North Carolina. He graduated from Western Connecticut State College with a bachelors degree in administrative science and currently works as a systems programmer and analyst. Happily married with two children, he now lives in Pfafftown, North Carolina, with his wife, Miah.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 258