An Adventure With Colors And Treasures

By Allie O’Brien
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An Adventure with Colors and Treasures takes you on a journey through a child's imagination of colors and treasures. We all have active imaginations, but children naturally choose to tap into their imaginations more readily. This child has collected treasures that have important meanings, like reminding them of a loved one, a special day or time, or a significant event.

In this book, children will use their imagination to adventure into learning about colors, numbers, sequencing, and memorization.

About the Author

Allie O’Brien was born into a family of teachers, and her admiration for children speaking, thinking, and acting freely inspired her to pursue elementary education. One of her fondest memories is being able to draw and write poetry for her classes.

When the time came, O’Brien always knew she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Her family consists of her husband Rick, whom she has been married to for 31 years, and her three children, Mackenzie, Madison, and Ricky. When her children were old enough, O’Brien knew she needed a new career. She began personal training, working with all age groups, always with the focus of helping and working with children. During that time, she spoke in many schools about body image, social media, health, fitness, and driving home the point that if you have something you love that comes naturally to you, pursue it and you can make a lifetime career with it. With that ideology, along with inspiration from her three children and her great niece, Brielle, and her great nephew, Jayce, O’Brien has finally taken her own advice and written this first book.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30