Among Honest Communists: Yugoslavia And Slovenia 1973- 1975

By Daniel J. Basta
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Among Honest Communists by Daniel J. Basta is his true account of tales during the height of the “Cold War” (1973 – 1975) about: lurking spies and counter intelligence agents; the impacts of the “Yon Kippur War” and Russian pressures; face to face encounters with “operatives”; unexpectedly finding common ground with drunken Russians; being buzzed by MIG–21s; and of the realization many years later that the Author may have unwittingly been playing a role in an east-west covert operation. The tales reveal that, during the Cold War many things may not have been what they appeared to be, as is probably the case in the current turmoil engulfing Eastern Europe. There are lessons in these tales, including the fragmentation of the former Yugoslavia, that are directly relevant to the people and events unfolding affecting the former Republics of the Soviet Union – perhaps even in the Ukraine.

About the Author

Basta also hopes readers will find the book entertaining if not humorous because after all the tales are about people. The sum total of them conveying a profound appreciation of a people and their culture, revealing that good people reside everywhere even in the darkest places at the darkest times.

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Aldous Huxley coined the phrase “traveling broadens the mind” so true in my experience. Books allow us to travel to times and places with people that are physically impossible. This book took me on a journey behind the Iron Curtain with interesting characters that made me laugh and expanded my understanding of life under the control of the Soviet Union. I now want to travel there.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 234