America's Last Gold Rush: Your Guide To Working With Venture Capital Firms

By Bob Nienaber
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Americas Last Gold Rush is a comprehensive overview of the venture capital marketplace designed to familiarize entrepreneurs with the process of ensuring funding without losing either a large portion of the ownership or personal capital. This marketplace is one of the most aggressive and affluent in investment history, and individuals with knowledge of the ground rules and a keen sense of what investors are looking for have the potential of achieving stunning successes. Penetrating the proper markets and motivating venture capital firms to secure funding depends on knowing how to present your ideas through an effective executive summary, business plan, and PowerPoint presentation. Americas Last Gold Rush specifically addresses these issues and prepares novice entrepreneurs with the tools needed to navigate this challenging marketplace.

About the Author

Bob Nienaber currently serves as a director of business solutions for a Fortune 500 company where he consults with CFOs, CPAs, and national securities brokerage firm representatives. Before founding his own corporation, the author assisted in the building and development of national account programs for various firms. He has served as CEO of a national Internet sales consulting firm and has served on multiple boards. He has extensive firsthand experience building and expanding businesses through the venture capital marketplace.

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Published: 2004
Page Count: 28