American, Like Me?

By Kaothar Baher El-Far
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American, Like Me? is about children of all backgrounds, cultures, and heritages coming together to celebrate the Fourth of July and their shared identity of being American. It is a celebration of diversity, community, and inclusivity.

About the Author

Kaothar Baher El-Far is an Air Force veteran and a teacher who comes from a culturally diverse family. She was born and raised on the Muscogee Creek Nation (MCN) reservation in Oklahoma. Like her mother and daughters, she is a tribe member of the MCN. She is also the daughter of a Palestinian immigrant. As a child, her diverse background and family customs made her feel like an outsider to every culture – ultimately those experiences helped her appreciate many walks of life. She set out to write this book, which her 11-year-old-daughter illustrated, to encourage children to celebrate the unique styles that make up America. You can be an American like you—I can be an American like me!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30