America, Can She Be Fixed?

By Michael Alan Kaiser
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About the Book

Americans have become immoral, self-centered, greedy, and dysfunctional. We are on dangerous, unprecedented ground.

We will discuss what must be repaired, how to repair it, and perhaps how to avoid such disasters in the future. I am very concerned about my childrens future in this country. So much so, I have seriously contemplated moving back to Germany. We need to stop taking such bad advice from people who could not find their butts with a map and a pack of search dogs. Use your common sense; trust your own instincts, upbringing, and experiences; and, if it sounds too good to be true, always remember that it most likely is so. Most importantly, we must stop finger-pointing, passing the buck, and wasting time and energy on things that are far from the truth. Lets stand up and start taking responsibility for our own actions as Americans.

I will not pull any punches or worry about hurting anyones feelings. It is time to stop treading softly so we do not offend a specific group, race, gender, religion, or party. This once great country still has the potential to be great, and our diversity and variety make it so. With that being said, we cannot spend too much time being politically correct over the next ten years. Lets all get on the same page and repair what is broken. We need to fix America now, then worry about what may be happening thousands of miles away. A handful of greedy, self-serving, unsupervised crooks have rocked the nation and world to their very cores financially and otherwise. Let us get started on a solution without pointing fingers, laying blame, and handing out punishment until after we get things back on track.

About the Author

A resident of Jacksonville, Florida, Michael Alan Kaiser and his wife, Pamela, have two children: Christopher and Tiffany. Michael enjoys traveling, writing, brewing beer, and taking wine trips. He has also published numerous magazine and web articles.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 108