Amber Lee And The Daylight Medallion

By JD Hoss
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After staying far too late in the library one night, little Amber Lee comes across a mysterious scroll... and the thieves out to steal it! With her puppy and friend Jasper the snake, Amber Lee sets out to find herself on an adventure of a lifetime to retrieve the medallion of Ra-Shabak from Dracula and his minions before they drown the Earth in eternal night. 

Described as Calvin and Hobbes meets Indiana Jones, Amber Lee and the Daylight Medallion is an Adventure for fans of horror and humor alike. 

About the Author

JD Hoss has always enjoyed comic books and old horror films. He hopes you enjoy his first graphic novel, Amber Lee and the Daylight Medallion, as much as he enjoyed writing and illustrating it. 

Published: 2022
Page Count: 246