Alternating Your Mindset: Three P's: Perspective, Perception, Perceive

By Michael C. Womack
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About the Book

Michael C. Womack was inspired to write about the three P’s (Perception, Perspective, Perceive) with a focus on self-development to enhance and develop skillsets to become a better leader and decisionmaker, to guide conversations, and to shape his personal interactions with others on a professional or personal level. This book revisits facts and experiences to aid and highlight the presence of the three P’s so that people can start to formulate their own acceptance of the message which further promotes self-development.

About the Author

Michael C. Womack lives in Bowie, Maryland and is a beginner writer with a strong desire to dedicate time and effort to building this Three P’s series. He enjoys coaching youth basketball and football and takes pride in promoting a big brother relationship with the kids and their families. He is an engineer and considers himself a building doctor. He likes to stay active with fitness activities and makes time for family to share laughs, entertainment and other lasting memories. He also enjoys music and outings with his wife.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32