Altar Girl

By Spoon Dupuis
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About the Book

Growing up, Leah never knew her father. In reality, it didn’t much matter to her everyday life. She and her mom were close, and she had wonderful friends. Upon her mom’s death, however, 16 year old Leah discovers her father’s true identity. She goes to meet him. He was nearly 6’6”, he wore a pair of tailored black slacks and a pure white shirt left open at the chest. His cold blue eyes seemed almost a light. He never stayed still always gliding back and forth almost like a dancer. His face held little expression, but he stared at her intently. He seemed too young, but plastic surgery could do amazing things. He was in almost perfect shape from what she could see. Her father, Warren, is the devil. Satan. Lucifer. The actual devil. As a devout Catholic, this is quite a pill to swallow.

Altar Girl follows the twists and turns and other-worldliness of Leah’s new life, determining how to come to terms with her faith, her father, and his role in both her life and his own.

About the Author

A native of California, Spoon Dupuis works full time as a projectionist. Growing up Catholic, he was always fascinated by ritual, the faith in something you can’t see. For the better part of the past 20 years, Dupuis has been role playing, especially with Dungeons and Dragons. No matter what he was into, it was always about the story. He made characters of every type he could imagine, pushing further and further into an obsession.

Altar Girl began as Dupuis created Leah and thought about what it would be like to see a devout girl deal with the fact that she might come from a very different place. Some might see this story as sacrilegious, but that is not the intent. He wanted to explore a world where the extraordinary was lying just under the surface and the influence of heroes and God was ever present.

Dupuis has spent many years writing. He enjoys collecting comic books and playing miniature games. This is his first published book.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 178