Alone In Unity: Torments Of An Iraqi God-Seeker In North America

By Faris Georgis
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About the Book

Essentially, when I was accepted as a multi-denominational Christian by two very conservative churches, after explaining to them that I cannot, in my heart, choose only one church, I realized I was in quite a unique situation when they allowed me to be a part of both churches. Also, through my participation and acceptance of other Christian churches, I found myself united with almost all Christians. This seemingly unique situation prompted me to write about my experience.

The main theme is Christian unity; however, possibly due to my scientific background, I set about writing this book in a very methodical, logical manner, much like a science textbook does in detailing every possible reason behind every conclusion. In analyzing my reasoning, I therefore had to start from first principles. Starting from that position, I first had to answer Why, God? then Which, God? and finally, What represents God on Earth?

In order to answer these questions, the book analyzes all the major world religions, including Christian and non-Christian religions and denominations. It gets into topics of relationships between science and religion, history of church and religion, and theology and biblical prophesy, and woven throughout the book are my personal experiences and graces that I believe Ive received while going along on this journey of discovery and learning. My Middle Eastern background, being born in Iraq and raised in the civil war in Lebanon, are highlighted in contrast with the start of my new life in North America.

About the Author

Faris Georgis was born in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1960 to Syriac Orthodox Christian parents. His family left Iraq in 1966 in search for a better life. They moved to once peaceful and beautiful Lebanon, only to get caught up in a bloody religious civil war between Christians and Muslims. After surviving several near extinctions, during the war, he was sent to finish high school in England and then to the U.S. for Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Civil Engineering. He then settled into a professional career in Canada. He worked as a civil servant for 24 years and experienced a transformational conversion of heart and faith, before publishing his first book Alone In Unity.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 140