By Jane Sinclair
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It is the spring of 1972, and independent, ambitious nursing student Carla Benson has returned home to Clinton, South Carolina, for a short break before completing her final semester. When Carlas sister introduces her to Jason Albright, sparks immediately fly, and Jason proclaims his intent to someday marry Carla the very night they first meet. While Carla cannot deny her feelings for Jason, his insistence upon marrying and settling down in his hometown threatens to crush her dreams of furthering her education and traveling the world. Can Carla keep her hopes for her own life alive while sharing a life with Jason?

Traveling through decades and continents, tragedies and triumphs, Almost is a story of love. As Carla and Jason ultimately learn, lovethough it may not align with our best-laid plansalways wins in the end.

About the Author

A writer since age twelve, Jane Sinclair is a registered nurse and trained photographer. A North Carolina native and the mother of a son, Sinclair traveled the world before settling down in Georgia, where she is active in the Boys Scouts of America, her church, and the Humane Society. She enjoys bicycling, reading, hiking nature trails, and photography.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 62