All The Cardinal's Men And A Few Good Nuns

By Ted Druhot
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“This ambitious novel is an in-depth portal behind the scenes of the health care delivery system at the highest levels of administration. The drama builds as multiple players with varying agendas scheme and strategize…” – Glenda Harris of The Bluffton Sun

About the Book

Jay Marquart loves life. He loves his daughter, Kristie. He loves his second wife, Susan. He loves Friday night fishing trips with his buddy, Brian. He loves Saturday night parties at his home where they fry fish, smoke pot, sniff coke, and drink booze. Sunday is recovery day. Monday through Friday he works at Action Waste Management, where he seeks to be recognized and respected.

But Jay doesn’t know that Action Waste Management is a front organization for money laundering that is attempting to compromise City Hall into anointing Action as the primary waste disposal company in Boston. They, in conjunction with Patriot Courier Service, are the instruments for the syndicate to capture the commerce of Boston by controlling City Hall, banks, and hospitals.

St. Anslem’s Hospital is an institution of excellent reputation owned by the Archdiocese and administered by the Poor Sisters of Charity, who have served the people of Boston for over a hundred years. However, the continuing changes in health delivery are causing the hospital to focus more on money than ministry. It is suspected that the Sisters’ generous practice of charity resulted in enormous deficits. However, the demands of the medical staff to hire expensive medical staff are also a contributing factor to the deficit not recognized by the Hospital’s Board.

Both Patriot Courier Service and Action Waste Management become players in the takeover of the hospital, which results in the murder of a bank executive and hospital board member.

Jay, unaware of the power struggle and attempt by his employer to steal the hospital, provides valuable waste management service to the hospital as the hospital provides care to him. He, Brian, and their families are blessed to be involved aside from the hospital’s traumatic change from ministry to industry.

About the Author

Ted Druhot is a retired hospital administrator. His career included thirty-seven years of administration at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana; St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois; St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City; and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Ted is a past chairman of the Catholic Health Association of the United States; chaired the Metropolitan Hospital Section of the American Hospital Association; was a member of the consulting staff for the Hospital Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis in Springfield, Illinois; was a board member of the Ancilla Domini Health System in Donaldson, Indiana; and was a charter board member of the Provident Health System of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Ted and his wife, Carol, reside at Yacht Club Villas in Shelter Cove Harbor on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. His six children and twelve grandchildren live in Illinois, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 794