Alice The Alligator

By Bryce Larry King
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About the Book

Alice is a proud alligator with beautiful sharp white teeth. She loves her teeth so much, but one day she bites a little too hard and her teeth begin to fall out. Alice is depressed and lost without her teeth—can her friends help her understand and solve her toothless problem?

Follow along with Alice in the delightfully illustrated pages of Alice the Alligator as she learns from her wild and wise friends.

About the Author

Bryce Larry King has always had a fascination with and close relationship to nature. In his early teens, King had his own pet baby alligator. At fourteen, he became a falconer and has since achieved the level of Master Falconer.

King has been married for over thirty years. When his four sons were young, they would always ask for bedtime stories and preferred those their father made up. His children inspired the penning of Alice the Alligator and other stories.

King is now a wildlife specialist at a nature center in Utah and loves teaching children about nature—Alice the Alligator is a product of that love. He is also a self-taught artist and book illustrator. When not working on his children’s books, he enjoys hiking and all that the natural wonders of Utah have to offer.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 38

Customer Reviews

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Jade Goodell
Creative story!

This Author has an amazing talent in telling stories that captivate children! He knows exactly how to capture their attention AND he can keep it! This story is educational and funny and their are many life skills being taught within the story. This story teaches children not to be afraid to ask for help, to learn from others, and to be patient!

I highly recommend this story for kids any age! I also recommend this author with his other story, "My friend Des-Ta-Te", another amazing story about a beautiful bond with an Eagle. I can't wait to see what else Bryce King comes up with!